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Mar 3, 2014 7:00pm PST
is leading the charge in developing alternative energy bio fuel from one of the world's most abundant life points to algae fossil fuels like oil rapidly disappearing. finding the new energy sources is critical. that's right touch of meats more authentic eco energy is finding ways to help local and international energy suppliers and infrastructure companies go green the algae is extracted because not only reduces climbed outside and smoke stacks. it also doesn't compete with cops for farmland. algae as a biofuel could produce thirty times more oil per acre than other crops such as corn and sugarcane. it will also be non toxic juice milk salt provide context and that i don't agree quickly the dpp group and the ppt fee of up to the twentieth anniversary of the eu single market we're also looking at the future of the single market and how it can cause acute europe's economic revival by creating more jobs and strong regret. perhaps the most promising prospects is the digital single block in the sector. abbas potential to win hearts our lives and our prosperity early this year the european commi
Feb 27, 2014 7:00pm PST
the new dentist. and that the energy minister. i mean. the santa to bring him to be delivered to the idea to take it they said that it will bring the nominations with the bottom. if they don't recognize that what you mean we know it's been that he and the pizza. he did the eagles i think that this is the kind who trust in you think. lol too. the eighteenth of may exaggerated secondly there's the press. with the administration's own protest. it will look at it are you disappointed but some of the names. yes i must have the same week end people are quite disappointed. but what makes me happy but the people the protests is that most of the disappointment comes from the back of the people who were just get skills and skill set on a competent enough to fill the job introduces this was one of the main item. that was mentioned. the move during the last day swing and james came up and things like this this is us and i'm happy even with people who actually were on the my time to come out of the protest is out of the series. in these activists who ended up being appointed as ministers. below are of
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2